My writing about our love, our life, and our journey through cancer has sustained me.  As hard as it is to comprehend, I am more in love with Maureen today than I was when she was here, when we could hold each other’s hand, which we did for almost 25 years of marriage. I would love nothing more than for my sweetie to still be on this side of heaven with me here on earth, but love transcends all. ❤️

As the video below describes, the blog is becoming a book and will not just include my writing but our kids, Taylor (21), Kyla (19), and Katelyn (16). The book’s working title is “The Love of My Life | How a Powdered Donut Changed Everything.” On the weekend before her passing, our oncologist had prescribed donuts. This was one prescription with which we dutifully complied! The story of the powdered donut can be found here . 

As we prepare to publish, we are doing more than raising funds but building a movement. I’m calling it a people-raiser, rather than a fund-raiser.
The more people in the movement, the stronger our message as we approach publishing partners. That is why the goal is only $1. We want The Love of My Life to be a groundswell of people. For the people-raiser to work, all you need to do is donate a $1, so we can count you as we approach publishers. (Should you choose to contribute $35, you will receive a copy of the book at publishing. At $75, you’ll receive a signed copy plus access to the Love of My LIfe community.)